Premium Green Tea Kombucha and Lacto Fermented Wellness Foods


K4 Cultured Foods makes it simple to benefit from authentic, time-honoured traditions of food preparation, without the DIY mess and guesswork. We thrive on helping people discover a path to health through food. Sharing our knowledge and personal health experiences is part of the journey.

We create delicious Cultured Turmeric Paste, Garlic Cloves, Ginger, Green Tea Kombucha and Kombucha Vinegar.  Simple ingredients. Handled naturally. Banging with flavour!

We do the research and the tricky fermentation. You get the enjoyment of great taste and a boost to your health and wellness.

A woman and two men standing behind a bar with K4 Cultured Foods products in front of them - K4 Kombucha and K4 Cultured Foods (Turmeric Paste, Garlic Cloves, Just Ginger)

K4 Kombucha is a probiotic health beverage with a great taste and a little fizz and is a great solution for anyone who puts the health and wellbeing of themselves and their family at the top of their to-do list.

Kombucha bubbled its way into Kaye’s world in 2015 and changed her life forever. 

 A refreshing, non-alcoholic, low sugar, effervescent beverage with over two thousand years of health-giving history, this little beauty helped her discover a path to wellbeing through a different way of eating and drinking.

Now she wants to share the love! Her delicious and energising K4 Kombucha is made from scratch - a naturally brewed, living drink that brings together locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love, right here in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

“I’m so excited to share the time honoured traditions of Kombucha. This great tasting drink is alive with goodness! Brim full of antioxidants, organic enzymes and beneficial bacteria, it’s a nutritional brew that is both delicious and special to drink; and it makes you feel like a better version of yourself, every day.” - Kaye 

One woman standing at a bar being served K4 Kombucha by another woman, both are interested in the effervescent bubbles coming from the Kombucha as it is poured.

K4 Kombucha - Premium Green Tea Kombucha