K4 Cultured Ruby Sauerkraut - 150g

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K4 Cultured Ruby Sauerkraut - 150g

A bright, tangy and vibrant sauerkraut; with natural ruby colouration from sweet earthy beetroot.  K4 Ruby Sauerkraut is crafted by NZ Artisan hands, traditionally fermented in quality German crocks, and packaged without pasteurisation.  

K4 Ruby Sauerkraut is alive - which means that the lacto-probiotic cultures we used to create it are still alive in every jar.  These powerful probiotics are found in healthy guts, and they've created this little jar of bright, tangy, salty and deliciously fermented vegetables.

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Simple ingredients.  Handled naturally.  And it’s good for you.


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  • Straight from the jar, paired with a cheese or natural protein
  • Mix through a natural sour yoghurt for the easiest probiotic salad you'll ever make
  • Add a spoonful on top of every dinner, lunch and bruch for a salty, tangy complement to every meal 


    These aren’t your average, ordinary products – they need a little TLC to be their very best. Follow these care notes to keep them in perfect condition.


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