K4 Kombucha Large Case (12 x 500ml bottles)

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K4’s non-alcoholic kombucha is the perfect drink to accompany a gourmet meal, a warm summer’s afternoon, or even a party or night out. Here you’ll find your one-stop-shop for K4 Kombucha. Sign up to K4 At Your Door, our subscription service, to receive 20% OFF your first delivery! (10% off subsequent deliveries, cancel anytime after your third order).

Use K4 Kombucha as a non-alcoholic alternative to beer, cider or wine; as a mixer in a cocktail (check out our recipe for a kombucha mojito); or as a base for a delicious and nutritious smoothie (we’ve got a fabulous recipe for that too), the perfect breakfast pick-me-up or daytime snack. You can even cook with it too (check out our recipe for pork belly). Why not crack a few bottles open the next time you have some mates over for dinner as something for the designated drivers, or those who just want something a bit different?

Sign up to our brand new automatic delivery subscription service and receive 5% off EVERY delivery! This is the best way to shop for K4 Kombucha, as you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favourite beverage: simply pick how often you’d like to receive your chosen flavour (either once every two, four or six weeks) and leave the rest up to us! We’ll pop it in the post and make sure you get it on time. You’ll still have full control, however: you can cancel or pause your deliveries whenever you like.

Apple and Elderflower: “Soft and smooth. Delicate apple is paired with honey-like elderflower and lovely little bubbles. The easy-going K4 flavour that is a pleaser for every crowd.”

Mint and Camomile: “Crisp, refreshing and naturally effervescent. Invigorating mint, with just a touch of earthy camomile. Seriously cider-esque – this is the grown-up’s Kombucha.”

Rosehip and Hibiscus: “A sparkly and sharp little number. Bright acidic notes from Vitamin C-rich Rosehips and Hibiscus. A favourite with Kombucha aficionados and those with a penchant for tart.”

The Threesome: If you just can't decide which flavour is your favourite, or maybe you just want to try them all, then this is the box for you. Four bottles of each flavour. Go nuts.

You may find that a little gel develops on the top of your kombucha in the bottle, or that there’s some sediment at the bottom of your glass. This is absolutely fine and perfectly natural, in fact it’s a sign of healthy, live probiotics! It’s entirely safe to eat or drink (and is actually quite delicious and fizzy), but at the same time we understand you might not like the taste. If that’s the case, it’s easy to fish out and drop in the bin/feed to the dog etc. As for the sediment, you won’t even notice it go down.

To enjoy K4 Kombucha at its best, make sure you always serve it chilled. 


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