K4 Cultured Garlic Cloves - 180g

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Delectable garlic and herbs swimming in a lightly salty and acidic brine. This garlic is banging with live probiotics and serious garlic and herb flavours, and the brine is smashing too. The sharp, piquant notes that raw garlic is known for are beautifully softened by fermentation by our lacto-probiotic cultures (the ones that your tummy loves).

Part of the same family of plants as onions, leeks, spring onions, chives and shallots, it is an important ingredient in both Asian and Mediterranean cooking and people have been growing garlic for longer than recorded history (over five thousand years). Just like fresh garlic, K4 Cultured Garlics Cloves can be sliced, grated or crushed. The cooking process will also make them taste mellower and creamier, although remember that high temperatures may kill off the good probiotic bacteria. If you want to keep those helpful, friendly microbes around, it’s best to add it in at the end, so it just has time to warm through and for the flavours to combine. For more ideas on how to cook with K4 Cultured Garlic Cloves, head over to our recipe pages, or search using the bar at the bottom of this page.

It is believed that garlic has a number of health benefits, including being a natural antioxidant and antibiotic, as well as being rich in allicin and prebiotics. It has also historically been used as an antiseptic. Modern research on garlic has focused on its affects on cardiovascular disease and cancer. And by choosing K4 Cultured Garlic Cloves, you’ll get the added benefits of fermented food and probiotics!

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Simple ingredients. Handled naturally. And it’s good for you.


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  • Just pop a clove out of the jar to zest, slice or crush to your heart’s content. Feel free to use it anywhere you would use a clove of fresh garlic, and enjoy a mellower, wonderfully herby flavour.
  • Add a splash of the brine for a twist to your salads, vegetables, marinades and vinaigrettes
  • This garlic is so delicious; you’ll pair it with everything!


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