2 Litre Fermentation Crock

K4 Cultured Foods

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A 2 Litre White Ceramic Fermentation Crock with 2 ceramic fermentation stones. The crock is framed by a cucumber, flat leaf parsley and a pot of thyme on a white background.


Ready to take that next step?  Pick up a classic traditional fermentation crock to start your fermented food journey at home.  Made from high quality ceramic, this German-made crock comes in classic white and will look the part in any kitchen decor.  With a capacity of 2 litres, its the perfect size for small home ferments.

Bring the art of fermentation into your home with all kinds of ferments - kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles or even kombucha.  Make it just how you like it, using the produce in season.  Experiment with taste variations that you and your family enjoy.

And best part... this item comes with Free Shipping.

Contents Include:

  • One 2 litred ceramic white fermentation crock 
  • One white ceramic lid
  • 2 x ceramic stone weights


And here's a list of our favourite at home fermentation recipes:

K4 Cultured Gherkins: https://k4you.nz/blogs/recipes/k4-cultured-gherkins-a-home-fermentation-recipe-lacto-fermented

Basic Sauerkraut: https://www.wildfermentation.com/category/sauerkrautrecipes/

General Guide for Lacto-Fermentation:  https://paleoleap.com/fermented-food-recipes/


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