K4 Brewery Shop

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 

10:00 - 15:00

125 Haruru Falls Road, Haruru, Northland

A customer at the K4 Brewery is talking to Kaye about K4 Kombucha over a bar, on the bar are three tasting glasses and a chilled bottle of Apple & Elderflower K4 Kombucha.  Kaye is standing behind the bar, and in front of a 3 door glass display chiller that is filled with chilled K4 Kombucha and K4 Cultured Foods.


Situated in the beautiful Bay of Islands, just down the road from the gorgeous Haruru Falls you’ll find The K4 Brewery.

Pull in and buy your favourite fermented foods straight from the place where they are made - cutting out the middleman and the fuss. 

If you’re curious, we can even show you around the brewery! We love showing people the fascinating process of fermentation.

If you're new to K4 and haven’t tried our delicious kombucha or cultured foods before, we’ll be more than happy to give you a full tasting experience to showcase everything our wonderful range has to offer. Our friendly, knowledgeable crew will help you with any questions you may have.

The K4 Brewery is a busy place: you’ll often see us hard at work preparing the next batch of delicious ginger or garlic, on the phone buying more organic green tea or turmeric, or bottling and capping the kombucha that’s ready for its next fermentation. We love seeing people walking in through our brewery door to come and see what we do.  We’re proud of our work and love to show it off! 

A popular stop on the tourist trail around the bay of islands, we often have our shop wall-to-wall with people enjoying a tasting experience. As fermented foods grow again in popularity across New Zealand and gradually worldwide, we enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for this essential portion of our diets with travellers from all over the globe.

Visiting the Bay of Islands? Click Here to visit the Bay of Islands Tours webpage and book yourself on our tour to visit the K4 Brewery

If you are a looking to stock K4 Cultured Foods or Kombucha for your restaurant, cafe or shop then contact orders@k4you.nz to organise a famil tasting for your team at our K4 Brewery. We will show you everything you need to know about our products, give you some inspiration as to how they can be used in your business, and provide your team with all the knowledge that they can then confidently deliver to your customers.

Being able to order your cultured foods online and have them shipped directly to your door is a modern marvel, but there’s nothing quite like getting the first-hand experience of seeing how these incredible foods are made. Fermentation is a complex process and we take care and effort to make sure that every batch we craft is up to the highest standard. If you are curious about good food and love hunting down the best flavours and greatest ways to look after your body, you're in good company. Come and see us at the K4 Brewery, your just the kind of person we love talking to.

Here’s what some of our past visitors had to say about visiting the K4 Brewery:

“LOVE this place! The cultured food, as well as the Kombucha, is awesome. My kids like the apple and elderflower flavour and I love the versatility of the cultured garlic and of the Turmeric paste. GREAT customer service, call in and have a chat, you won't be disappointed!” - Renne Zotov


Fantastic is the best word to describe this place and product for this review. The owners and staff go out of their way to offer you tastings and explain everything to you regarding the benifits of the cultured foods that they brew and make on the premises. The premises are very clean and inviting. I have never been keen to try kombucha but now I am a regular customer. I highly recommend these products and its creators.” - Anita Case


"As owner operator of Total Tours. I was keen to visit K4, as we are always looking for new places to adventure to. Kaye welcomed me and we had a tasting and tour of their fantastic brewery. I was sold, not only on the Kombucha taste but the whole experience. I got so much information that I have now added K4 to my tour options and visited there receiving WOW's and thankyou's. We will certainly be supporting this fantastic family business K4." - Annette Garrett