K4 at your Door - Subscribe & Save

Simply the same order, on repeat.  Easy.

You love K4 Kombucha, Cultured Turmeric and all our fermented foods... but you don't love re-ordering online.  You want life, with less screentime.  You want special prices, because you're our special people.  You got it.

20% off your first delivery... then 10% off every delivery forever (kaching!)
K4 at your Door is all this. 
Easy automatic deliveries that turn up right when you want it, at the best possible price.  Just pick which K4 you want, choose when you want it, and we’ll do the rest. 


1. Pack your K4 case A cardboard case stamped with the K4 Brand Logo, with 3 bottles of K4 Kombucha and a jar each of K4 Cultured Turmeric Paste, K4 Cultured Garlic Cloves and K4 Cultured Just Ginger are arranged in trios in front of the case.
2. Choose your frequency
A woman is holding a K4 Calendar up with two hands showing that 2 dates on the calendar are circled in red.
3. Chill out in the real world
Three people (a woman, a 4 year old boy and a man) are facing the camera with happy faces, displayed from the shoulders up, they have wet hair and have just finished swimming, the ocean and islands are in the background.
4. Get K4 at your door 
A woman has her head tilted backwards and her eyes closed, her right hand is pouring a bottle of K4 Mint & Camomile Kombucha into her mouth and she is clearly enjoying this.

It's as easy as drinking a K4 Mojito.

K4 Subscriptions are for YOU.  K4 at your Door is the best way to shop for K4.  You’ll always have your favourites in the fridge and more time to play in your life.  Your tummy will be singing great tunes, and your pocket will be too – it’s the most affordable way to buy K4 live cultures. 


What Subscriptions can I get?

Have we got a K4 Kombucha Subscription? – yes click here! 
Have we got a K4 Cultured Foods Subscription? – yes click here! 
Can I get a K4 All-Of-It Subscription? – yes click here! 

What are the rules?

We'll give you easy orders and discounted prices when you agree to a minimum of three orders in your subscription.  Cancel anytime after the first three.  And keep your K4 chilled, and enjoy it.  And tell us about it.  And go outside.  Have fun.  Live your life!

What is K4?

K4 is good for you.  All our products are packed full of live probiotics, not pasteurised, low in sugar, high in nutrients… and banging with flavour.
The words "Full of" stylised and placed to the top left of a column containing the words: "live probiotics, 100% kombucha, antioxidants, organic acids, lovely little bubbles". Black on white.
K4 Kombucha is traditionally brewed, full of organic acids and antioxidants and all the goodies that you expect from a premium Kombucha, with flavours to super impress. 
Stylised, capitalised "No" placed top left of a column containing the words "additives, preservatives, artificial sugars, dilutions, forced carbonations". Black on white.
K4 Cultured Foods are fermented the traditional way, we don’t speed up the process, we take the time required, and we add nothing but natural goodness.  We do it old school.  All day long.  Actually, 21 days long, but who’s counting.
Official MPI Approved Stamp - Custom Food Control Plan - Registration Number MPI 000729/1