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K4 is Coming to YOU!

Are you curious about our wonderful cultured foods and want to try some for yourself? Do you have burning questions for us?

Here's Your Chance 

 K4’s stand will be back in Farro Fresh stores across the City of Sails in May. 

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Taste it for yourself! 

A tasting table is set up for customers to trial K4 Cultured Foods products.  On a hessian sack is an array of black slate plates and timber boards, with rice crackers and fresh cream cheese, topped with either K4 Cultured Turmeric Paste, K4 Cultured Garlic Cloves, K4 Cultured Ginger or a taster cup of K4 Kombucha Vinegar in a gorgeous fresh herbed vinaigrette.  The K4 product jars are displayed alongside brochures, business cards and recipe ideas.  The table is set in the fresh produce section of a Farro Fresh store, surrounded by beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables.

Look to Farro Fresh when Shopping for Lacto Fermented Foods.

K4 Cultured Foods are will be there.


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Founded in 2006, Farro Fresh has been a purveyor of Kiwi quality foods for over a decade. The Auckland based store was created with the vision of bringing New Zealand’s finest foods under one roof. 

Large food loving communities have grown around Farro Fresh’s stores as people, proactive in their search for a broad range of flavours, flock to the Farro’s ethos of high quality, authenticity and variety. With its very own magazine Feast, Farro Fresh inspires foodies everywhere with delicious new recipes, brand exciting new products and the latest food news from across New Zealand.

A key feature to all of the Farro Fresh stores across Auckland is the tasting stalls you can visit. Turn the corner and there’s always something delicious to try. We love being in Auckland for these tastings as it gives us such a valuable experience speaking to discerning foodies and hearing what you love about Cultured Foods. Any opportunity to talk to people who love food as much as we do!

Kiwi cooks and chefs are passionate about Farro Fresh because it is such a magnet for new ideas and creations, the passion and drive of all people who love food shines through from the people who shop there, to the dedicated and professional staff who work in the stores, to the producers that Farro Fresh features on their shelves. There is a common goal; Good Food. Good Taste. Good Ideas.

K4 Cultured Foods first arrived in Farro Fresh stores in late 2017, with the Kombucha Vinegar, Turmeric Paste, Garlic Cloves and Just Ginger flying off the shelves. We were thrilled to see that Aucklanders loved the flavours of our cultured foods and wanted more of the probiotic goodness that comes with them. The enthusiasm with which Farro Fresh’s shoppers embraced the idea of probiotics playing a vital role in beautiful everyday meals blew us away, and the success story of more foodies buying lacto fermented foods keeps on going to today.

With a number of outlets across Auckland, it’s easy for those living or stopping through this thriving city to get their hands on the very best food New Zealand has to offer. Why not check out your local store - each one a beautifully laid out treasure trove of delicious food - talk to their friendly, helpful staff and get yourself something delicious.

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