Kaye's Story



Once upon a time, life rocked.

I was at the top of my game - working internationally, travelling, adventuring and loving every minute. When I became pregnant it was time to shift gears and I was excited to start a family.

The pain starts.

Having Ehlers-Danlos Relaxin Pregnancy pubis symphisisHaving Ehlers-Danlos, I've always been hypermobile in my joints and susceptible to injury.  Pregnancy pushed my body to the limit when the natural hormone relaxin kicked in. I was three months pregnant and in so much pain I could hardly move, sleep or function.


I had pubis symphisis, my tail bone was twisted and contorted, my lower back was out, my hips were sub-luxating – in simple terms you could say that my pelvis was collapsing.  I was told to prepare myself, this was only going to get worse.

Even after my beautiful baby boy was born, the pain and additional health issues brought on by the long-term use of pain medication meant life was not the same.

It became clear that Hypermobility was the least of my problems.

My pelvis, hips and back had improved but there were a drove of other symptoms – brain fog, skin problems, weight gain, hair loss, adrenal dysfunction, memory loss and extreme tiredness.  Eventually, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and adrenal exhaustion. I was told to get used to it and that I'd have it for life.  

For two years I tried everything to meet autoimmune disease.

kombucha chef developed cultured premium craft brewFinally, in July 2015, I happened upon an online group of people with autoimmune disorders who were talking about the healing they had experienced by changing their lifestyles to meet the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). It was a drastic set of dietary changes, daunting and not for the faint-hearted.  But I thought "well I've got nothing to lose.  I have to give this a shot."

From that day forward, I re-learnt how to source and prepare foods and live life in new ways. After following the AIP for a number of weeks, I woke up one day feeling like superwoman. Astonishingly, 80% of my symptoms were gone (for the full story, check out Kaye's Wellness Blog).


These days life’s a rockstar bottle of premium craft kombucha.

With my lifestyle transformed from the AIP and my mind blown from the healing power of dietary changes and fermented foods, my kombucha brewing began. Soon my premium craft kombucha was in hot demand from friends and family. 

With my health and life back on track, I was determined to cast the benefits of cultured and fermented foods far and wide.  K4 Kombucha and Cultured Foods was born (read more in About K4)

Kombucha brought me back to life, but the kombucha we brew is no ordinary countertop kombucha.  K4 Kombucha is a premium craft brew, meaning it has vibrant vitamin and bacteria profile, the flavours are chef developed, it's rigorously tested to ensure quality and we ferment it just like champagne to give it that fizzy edge.  Not all kombuchas are brewed equal, and it's the top quality premium kombucha that my family and I drink every day that keeps my health on track.