About K4

Why We Do What We Do

A man and a woman standing side by side, they are both wearing backward facing caps, aprons and gloves, and they are both smiling in their work.  They are looking down at their hands as they peel fresh, raw turmeric root.
We all need to look after ourselves. Whether we adhere to autoimmune paleo protocol recipes, stick to sober drinking or just want to eat more healthily; fermented foods are an important factor in taking care of our bodies. Ordering online and having Cultured Foods delivered all across New Zealand is one of the ways that we try to make this important diet addition available to everyone.
Our microbiome (the collection of bacteria that live in the gut) is essential to the smooth running of our digestive system. With the modern day diet high in sugars and simple carbohydrates, human beings have accidentally killed off a lot of the good bacteria that we need called ‘Old Friends’ and unbalanced our microbiomes. Pair this with the human diet taking a departure from fermented foods (after the invention of canning, pasteurising and refrigeration) and you get problems with gut health. As methods of mapping the human gut microbiome are being developed, more and more research is being published showing the relationship between a healthy gut and many other health issues, many of which you wouldn’t associate with the gut such as mood and skin problems.
That’s why at K4 Cultured Foods we take gut health and fermented food seriously, simply because we have first-hand experience of what takes place when cultured foods are implement back into our diets.

Kaye's Story

A woman wearing a cap and gloves, smiling broadly and holding a large Kombucha culture above a vat of fresh green tea Kombucha
Kaye was struck with chronic autoimmune disease when she became pregnant, the impact was so massive it was to the point where everyday life was difficult to cope with. After exhausting the options suggested by her doctors, Kaye, a scientist by trade, started her own research to find more answers. In her search she found cultured foods. Introducing fermented foods and drinks into her everyday life finally got Kaye’s health to improve. Not only is Kaye able to resume a normal life despite autoimmune disease, she also started her own business which she runs with her partner Freddy, and more importantly she is the mother to their beautiful boy, who is growing up healthy and strong with cultured foods as a staple part of his diet.
Kaye and Freddy started K4 Cultured Foods for two reasons. The first was because their counter-top kombucha and homemade fermented foods were in popular demand from friends and family, and secondly, they empathised with the vast number of other people struggling to cope with autoimmune disease and various other diet influenced health issues, from keeping it keto to ditching the alcohol. Fermentation of all kinds is high-maintenance, so we do all the hard work and make our products readily available online for anyone in New Zealand to order and have delivered straight to their door.