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About K4 Open Flag Brewery

Meet The K4 Crew


Kaye van der Straten

Vivacious and lively, Kaye’s take on life is to grab it by the balls. From a career adventuring on the ocean all over the world as a marine biologist, to becoming an entrepreneurial business owner, and a mother to boot! This lady doesn’t do things by halves. Even the curve-balls of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & Autoimmune Disease couldn’t slow her down; it served to bring her to fermented foods, and now she’s bringing fermented foods to New Zealand.  
A day in Kaye’s life is varied; from product development to content creation, looking after the Kombucha cultures to looking after her beautiful son, business trips to packing up orders. She can do it all, so long as she can go for a swim in the ocean at the end of the day. 

Freddy Lööv

Freddy Lööv in the K4 Test KitchenSteady as a rock, Captain Fredrik Lööv keeps the K4 ship on an even keel. Originally from Sweden, Freddy fell in love with New Zealand after many of his voyages brought him here. Since meeting Kaye and starting a family Freddy now applies his mastery of organisation, diligent work ethic and forward planning to his own business, K4 Cultured Foods. Freddy is hands-on whether at the markets or at home; If something needs building, if the brewery needs to be completely reorganised or you need product ready to go in record time, he’s your guy. Reliable, friendly and with a fantastic warm smile, Freddy is the kind of guy everyone wants in their corner.

Chef Peter Lindgren-Streicher

Peter Lindgren-Streicher in the K4 Test KitchenPeter spends most all his days thinking about and working with food, be it in the capacity of preparing food or growing food.  
He works at K4 preparing their recipes and bottling the ferments. 
In 2005, he became involved with the home-scale production of kombucha and lacto-fermentation. 
 At home, he enjoys experimenting with various techniques and processes of fermentation, having stock standards, creating unique one-offs, and seasonal recipes that continue to evolve over the years.
He has a fascinated enjoyment of the depth of flavour and vitality that fermentation can bring to food, as well as the science of the life processes of fermentation.  
The rest of the week he spends with his wife developing a 38-acre property using various conscientious regenerative techniques.

Chef Linz Hart-MacDiarmid

Chef Linz Hart-MacDiarmid in the K4 Kitchen

With a Master's in Gastronomy from The University of Adelaide and Cordon Bleu, Chef Linz has revolutionised lives through her nurturing and nourishing approach to food, whether that be through one-to-one assistance in her business Hart Mind and Food, or through the professional training courses which she developed six years prior.

Linz mentors K4 with her flare, firstly to nudge our flavours in the right direction with her finely tuned palate, then by taking our cultured foods and whipping them into mouthwatering masterpieces that are simple to make at home. We at K4 are incredibly privileged to have Linz's skill and talent aiding us in our quest for great-tasting foods. Her guidance and influence are so valuable, we count ourselves lucky to have her as our mentor.