K4 Cultured Turmeric Tea

There are two hands cupping a clear glass which contains a warm elixir of K4 Cultured Turmeric Tea and lemon slices.

There are two hands cupping a clear glass which contains a warm elixir of K4 Cultured Turmeric Tea and lemon slices.

K4 Cultured Turmeric Tea

This falls into a similar category as our Golden Milk: keeping it nice and simple but without sacrificing any of the goodness. Oh, and making sure it's really, really tasty too.


Serves 2


To ensure that you retain probiotic life in your tea, it is important not to pour boiling water directly into the K4 Cultured ingredients.

  1. Put 1 tsp of Manuka honey into each warm mug.
  2. Add steaming hot water to just below half full, stir to dissolve the honey.
  3. Top up with fresh cool water to reduce the temperature.
  4. Add 1 tsp K4 Cultured Turmeric Paste and 2 slices of K4 Cultured Just Ginger to each mug.
  5. Serve now to your loved one, while still warm. Sink yourselves into lovely comfy chairs and talk about the best parts of your day.

There are a wide variety of kinds of honey to choose from, but when it comes to kiwi-made recipes you can’t say no to Manuka honey. This home-grown beauty with its intense leatherwood flavour is an antibacterial superhero that comes be found throughout most New Zealand homes, and for a good reason. As a replacement for sugar manuka honey serves to enrich baked goods, flavour marinades and salad dressing or touch up the odd smoothie or two.

In this particular tea recipe (we prefer the term ‘tea’ in this case as opposed to infusion) we have used it for its antibacterial properties as well as to cut the fiery tang of the ginger and round out the earthy component of the turmeric.

In the winter months, as the nights draw in and the temperatures tip towards zero, we need all the help we can get to keep our immune systems strong and our psyches intact. That’s why turmeric, ginger and Manuka honey are the magic trio we use in this comforting tea. By looking after our gut health we give ourselves the best chance of fending off illness. As so looking after you and your tribe mentally, well - there’s nothing quite like coming out of the cold and being handed and a nice warm mug of something delicious and soothing.

Not normally considered as something to drink, turmeric in a tea is one of the many ways we like to innovate how to use this fantastic root. If you fancy something a little bit creamier and more indulgent then why not check out our Golden Milk.

As we all know it’s important to drink plenty of water, and this cultured turmeric tea is a refreshing alternative to drink a boring glass of room-temperature tap water. Drinking a cup a warm water is great for digestion and aids in the relief of constipation, it improves the blood circulation of blood around our bodies and helps keep optimal kidney function.

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